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Weight Distributing System Parts

  1. CURT Long Trunnion Bar Weight Distribution Hitch

    The Trunnion Weight Distribution Hitches by CURT Mfg. are a component used on the hitch of a vehicle to reduce the amount of weight created by the trailer on the hitch mount. Removing excess weight from the front of the trailer is essential, because large amounts of weight can damage the hitch mount and cause the trailer to handle poorly. The weight distribution set up features supplemental equipment, such as spring bars, that can be placed under tension in order to distribute trailer tongue weight to the trailer axle and the front axle of the tow vehicle. Using a weight distribution system like this enhances the tow vehicle's handling and braking, while also increasing the trailer weight capacity in some cases.The square bars used in the design of this weight distribution hitch attach to the center of the weight distribution hitch head and then secured in place. Once set up, the gross towing weight (GTW) of this unit is 10,000 pounds and its tongue weight (TW) capacity is 600 pounds, 800 pounds, or 1000 pounds, depending on the size of the unit being used. In order to withstand these heavy loads, the material used in the construction of this unit is forged steel, which is powder coated in a durable black finish. This thick black finish protects the metal from corrosion and enhances its appearance.

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